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About the Honors College


Why Honors


Honors Foundations

(Freshman and Sophomore Years)

Designed to provide enhanced educational opportunities across the curriculum, Honors Foundations requires 18 hours of honors-designated core classes and 2 hours of University Forum, a lecture series that brings leading scholars, performers, and public intellectuals to campus.


Many classes in the Foundations curriculum provide experiential, or active, learning opportunities, with activities outside the classroom and travel to such places as New Orleans, Atlanta, or the Gulf Coast.  With its emphasis on acquiring knowledge across the disciplines, Honors Foundations prepares freshmen and sophomores to embark on original research (the senior thesis) in Honors Keystone.




Honors Keystone

(Junior and Senior Years)

As a junior and senior in the Keystone curriculum, you have the exciting opportunity to chart your own course through the design and completion of an original research project—the senior Honors Thesis. 


Working with Honors faculty and with a faculty adviser in your chosen discipline, you will move through a 7-hour course sequence, distributed across four semesters, that guides you through the thesis experience. Each step in the Keystone curriculum provides you with knowledge, skills, and aptitudes that prepare you for successful completion of the thesis project and the achievement of Latin Distinction.  



Applying to the Honors College


Admission to the Honors College is a separate, competitive process. Students must first apply for undergraduate admission.

Honors Foundations (Incoming Freshmen)

Application Deadline for Fall: Jan. 5


Apply to the Honors College


Honors Keystone (Transfer Students and Current Southern Miss Students)

Application Deadline for Fall: Feb. 1 (housing)  |  July 1

Application Deadline for Spring/Summer:  Nov. 1


Apply to Honors Keystone