Religion - B.A.

The purpose of the Bachelor of Arts in religion program is to teach students the art of critical thinking; to challenge them to think creatively; and to lead them to make a deliberate and rational attempt to understand both the whole and the parts of their experience for the purpose of obtaining wisdom for effective living.

The program encourages students to discover and examine the basic religious ideas of diverse cultures in order to gain illumination of personal and social values.

The program in religion provides training in the critical analytic skills, reading abilities and writing skills demanded by a religion major. It prepares students to enter academic graduate programs in religious studies, philosophy, law, medicine and cognate fields or to go on to seminary school and study for a ministry degree.

An education in philosophy and religion will not ensure a graduate of employment; nor, on the other hand, is it any less marketable than any other liberal arts degree. Persons trained in philosophy and religion have found employment in such diverse fields as business, education, publishing, editing, information analysis (in both private and governmental agencies) and computer technology.

However, philosophy and religion are some of the best pre-professional programs for law, medicine, the ministry or graduate study in philosophy or religious studies or an allied discipline. The student contemplating a professional career should seriously consider philosophy as a pre-professional major.

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