Hotel, Restaurant, and Tourism Management - B.S.

This degree is designed to prepare students for careers in the hospitality industry with a focus on service in various countries and cultures. This degree plan focuses on the service side of the hospitality industry while the Tourism BSBA degree plans focus on the business side of the industry. 

Graduates with the hospitality degree are employed in entry-level management positions in one of the largest and fastest-growing industries in the world. Students develop skills applied specifically to the various tourism operating environments and applicable across all service based industries. 

Few careers offer the great diversity and lifestyle options of tourism management majors. Graduates are successfully employed in entry-level management positions that have strong career paths at highly competitive salaries.

With the assistance of professors, students find engaging and challenging international employment directly in the primary hospitality sectors such as:

Southern Miss was the first university in the state of Mississippi officially designated by the state Institutes of Higher Learning to offer this major, and even today is one of very few with the program. The department was founded in the mid-1960s and over the years has built a strong reputation as the place to come for a hospitality degree.

As long as there are leisure and business travelers, there will be a vibrant hospitality industry. Even during recessionary periods, there are travelers and therefore jobs for those who have a passion for people and service, which are at the core of this industry.

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