Industrial Engineering Technology - B.S.

The Industrial Engineering Technology (IET) program is to produce graduates who can easily make the transition from the university to planning and supervisory positions in the workforce, particularly that of the industrial sector, including manufacturing and service industries. In light of this, courses are infused with industrial applications and students are required to study problems identified in local industries. In their senior project course, students frequently interface with local industry and, under the guidance of faculty, analyze and solve problems that have real-world applications.

Program Educational Objective

Graduates possess the necessary skills, critical thinking, discipline and work ethics consistent with the expectations of employers to enter entry level planning and supervisory positions in manufacturing and service industries. Specific program education objectives are as follows;

The IET Program Educational Objectives are consistent with the overall Mission of the Institution by supporting the standards of excellence for our graduates. Students graduating from the program become well-read, articulate, and creative and critical thinkers measured by their display of specialized knowledge and abilities. The program reinforces the application of basic and applied research findings, creative expression, effective communication; meaningful learning experiences, and responds to and anticipates the evolving demands of our society, employers, and the labor market.


Student Learning Outcomes / Program Objectives

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