Marine Science - B.S. (Hydrography)

The University's Gulf Park campus is home to the only undergraduate degree program for hydrographic science in North America.

Traditionally, the hydrographer has been associated with making the sea charts that allow ships to navigate the world in safety.

This is still an important role but, as a science and profession, hydrographic surveying has developed into a multi-disciplinary occupation. The hydrographer is involved with every aspect of ocean data from bathymetric mapping of the ocean floor, managing large marine data sets, exploring for the minerals that lie far beneath, measuring currents, tides and waves, and observing the ocean environment.

Activities where hydrographers are involved are: charting the seas and oceans, offshore engineering and construction, harbors and coastal engineering operations, operating and positioning oceanographic sensors, optimal routing of trans-oceanic telecommunication cables, marine GIS and exploring for oil and gas. Hydro International, an industry publisher, reports that vacancies and demands for personnel at sea have made hydrographic surveyors the most wanted profession in the offshore world.

The degree program is for the B.S. in Marine Science (Hydrography) and was designed to meet educational and knowledge standards of the International Board for Federation Internationale des Geometres (FIG), International Hydrographic Organization (IHO) and International Cartographic Association (ICA), and the educational standards of the International Marine Contractor Association (IMCA) for hydrographic surveyors.

The program of study consists of 24 credit hours of General Education Curriculum elective courses, 41-43 credit hours of prerequisites in mathematics and science, 32 credit hours of required courses in marine science, and 27 credit hours of required courses in hydrographic science for a total of 124–126 credit hours.

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